How it all started?

The piano came late to me since I started my studies at the Conservatory of Cannes only to 8 1/2, 9 years old. But it was an immediate revelation, or rather obvious. Music, sounds, harmonies… What a beauty and what extraordinary medium! A choice however persisted between a career as a pianist (soon encouraged by my dear teachers and directors), and the drawing… my 2nd passion. But music won.  all bolted so fast. I can’t thank elsewhere never quite my parents for giving me this chance to get pushed and encouraged on this voice. And even if the course is not always easy, very lucky to be a musician!

The composition however is here very fast to me. 10 / 11… I don’t even know quite… because everything seems to be declared at the same time that my level of piano was progressing. And there, it was a shattering revelation!

Life is made of little things they say… And well, it’s a small detail that launched this passion. Finally a detail… No!… It is my passion for Mozart!.. .and for cinema! And Yes, Mozart was everything to me as a young man. His music, his energy, so beautiful, so inexplicable purity both simplicity reached the heights of genius… This resonated in me, talked to me so much. Mozart to play… To listen to Mozart… Mozart was a composer who started it all for me. And is finally the famous movie Milos Forman’s « Amadeus », with his biographical inaccuracies but such talent of realization and incredible game, and especially with its « soundtrack » so well chosen, touching, moving, energizing… Yes, it is this movie on most great composers who finally got to me and did say one day the little girl about 11 years I was, to my bewildered parents, « and well I too deal! » Away from me the idea of thinking that I could be like Mozart, I didn’t have this claim nor this unconsciousness. But I still remember this incredible feeling of wanting to ‘do’, ‘find the notes that are in love’, to try to superimpose musical elements, to build a room as I had seen him do in this wonderful scene of the creation of the Requiem…

I think my first and greatest desire was to really be able to understand how he could manage to compose. But yes, how composed? How were these pieces that I was playing every day at the piano made?

This question and my desire to understand, to deconstruct everything to restructure then my way, to build a new building, music was born.

Of course, the first tests remain first tests… not always very successful… But gradually… incredible… did I understood a little more… And I could build my turn!

It is so passionate and stimulated by this extraordinary discovery I me trying to write my first real pieces.

Of course, the ‘Mozartian’ style is… evidence that Wolfgang was still and always present, and somehow my 1st great ‘teacher ‘! But after all, we must start somewhere to get away from…

I’ll post soon (as soon as I have them all rebates in a compatible format for download) my very first sheet music, for those who want to discover, download them and make them work to their students. This is a page of my musical story… maybe she will become a page of one of your students.

In the meantime, here for example, a piece that I wrote when I was about 11 years old: « Capriccio Sonata. »  The image has not aged well, the sound is not optimum… but what a great memory!

Good listening!

How it all started?

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