Welcome to my new site!

This new space dedicated to me online, not is not just thought of as a « showcase » of my work… I wished for it as a space of expression, also open to all, open to you, dear Internet users! It is why he has this blog on which we can find, share, and Exchange on my music but also on music and Art in general.

A big thank you to Laura Corrêa who put all his talent and his time in the making of this beautiful site and through which so many projects will be able to see the light of day.

For this first post, and do a quick tour of the whole of the site visit.

Of course, you can learn more about my background biography page, but to summarize, and for those who don’t know me, I am a pianist… Yes… but I’m also a multifaceted artist. Music for me know neither limits nor of ‘boxes’, and my interest, my desires and my passion led me to explore many areas of music, well beyond the role of pianist.

My beginnings are quite usual. After few years of piano concerts began. I long pursued the path of concert that had been laid out for me since I started, first in solo piano, but also then to my delight, Chamber music and accompaniment.

By visiting the ‘Albums’ page you can discover my records as pianist accompanist; albums that made me discover also the behind the scenes… the recording studio and its teams.

It is as I have participated also as Artistic Director in several other albums the Label ABP music classic. And how fascinating this world opened to me!  How much it has also developed my listening, enriched my musical vision, my critical sense…

In addition to all this I also discovered a real vocation… Education (a special page will be soon dedicated to my activities in this area). Piano teacher for nearly 20 years, the world of education is essential for me. Indeed, I can say that it was a revelation. From the smallest to the largest, from beginners to professionals in the making or early career… What beautiful than I do, it’s good to learn the piano these lovers of music, guide or even awaken the passion and, who knows Perhaps a future vocation. What pride when some of my students are in turn become concert, professors, and especially when they live their passion in their turn!

You guessed it, passion is probably the key word of my career and my choice.

But straight back to one of my greatest passions: the composition.

I started to compose very young (approx.) 11 years) and since then never stopped to be passionate about this art.  Throughout my life, the need to express myself through music, through my music, never disappeared. Composition, thread of this journey music somewhat outside the norm, sometimes in the background, when the time did not allow me to combine all… remained a vital element, and is today again a project.

Also, be it ‘personal’ compositions, commands, or educational projects… discover soon everything on this new site. Simply go to the page ‘Music’ for all know, all hear and see everything… Finally everything… No, not yet. But little by little, scores, audio files, videos,… There will be mailed and will be available for download, read-only and viewing.

On this page my News Blog will be mentioned there, as well as news about my creations, my work, but I will post also on many other topics. It will be an interactive tool and a space for sharing as I have told you.

So stay tuned! See you soon online to swap and in the meantime…

Enjoy your visit at all!

Welcome to my new site!

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